Reflect – Reshape – Revive

Four Grand Valley professors are having their work showcased in an exhibit curated by Joel Zwart. Brett Colley, Anthony Thompson, Hoon Lee, and Dellas Henke have been hard at work creating art during their sabbaticals, and now they’ve come together on display at the Haas Performing Arts Center. A commonality Joel Zwart found among their projects was the combination of ancient and modern processes, and the exhibit, titled “Reflect – Revive – Reshape” has come together cohesively and beautifully.

Brett Colley’s work consists of a series of 12 posters centered on social movements, as well as relief prints. The posters are commemorative of events throughout history sparking change, such as a labor movement strike in the furniture industry, a protest against an oil pipeline, and the toppling of a confederate monument. The relief prints have been sold to raise money for legal funds, helping with cases of immigration and providing support for families of those in detention.



Anthony Thompson’s “Reverse Alchemy Series” uses a mixture of digital techniques and historic analog techniques, utilizing historic archive photos in his printmaking process, printing gravure plates as intaglio prints. Thompson describes the scenes in his prints as “self-contained but disorienting stories” in which a character is a witness to, evoking “unexpected memories from some deep well of experience.”

Hoon Lee has created a collection of sculptures consisting of a variety of materials titled “The Body and Work as Contemplation.” Lee reflects on his work, “It reveals the physical quality of clay that changes through its own physical, phenomenal characteristics in one round of space and by time and place.”

Dellas Henke has created prints to illustrate Franz Kafka’s book, In the Penal Colony, a story of abuse of power and authority that remains relevant to this day. In his artist statement, he says the prints explore a notion of imbalance and “what it takes to reach equilibrium and a complete humanity.”


Reflect – Reshape – Revive is open from January 14 to March 29 at room 1121 in the Haas Center for Performing Arts.

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