CAST Come to Life

Jewelry and metalsmithing professor Renée Zettle-Sterling, in collaboration with coauthor Jen Townsend, has created a curatorial invitational exhibition centered around their award winning book, CAST: Art and Objects Made Using Humanity’s Most Transformational Process. The exhibition, titled CAST: Art and Objects, is held at the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery in Wayne Art Center, Pennsylvania and features 86 artists from the book.

The selected art pieces focus entirely on the process of casting, a wide variety of work, some of which include historical artifacts and casting videos. Renée is celebrating her favorite process through these works, a method that allows for reproducibility and versatility in an artist’s creations, and has enjoyed co-creating with coauthor Jen Townsend, an exhibit which pays homage to everything from contemporary creations to the near-ancient arts that paved the way for our current means of artistic expression.

Says Renée of the experience, “It was a rewarding and exciting experience to see the work from the book come to life. Organizing this exhibition was satisfying and harkened back to laying out the book. Pairing art and objects are one of our favorite parts of the work we’ve been doing together and with so many pieces in the exhibition, as well as historical and everyday objects, creating harmonious groupings makes it easier to take in a lot of artwork. And it’s almost like a conversation emerges.  Whether it’s color, form, or concept driven, we always try to be thoughtful about what objects go together and how they relate to each other.  Our greatest hope is that through this exhibition the viewer considers casting’s contributions to the world around us.”

The exhibit is running from Dec 8, 2018 to Jan 26, 2019. You can visit for photos and further details of the book and exhibition.

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