A Graphic Design Brand Exhibition

Command+N, the Graphic Design BFA Senior Exhibition, is ready and here at Calder. ART 415 students have been working all semester, with the counsel of professor Vinicius Lima, on their thesis projects. Each of them conceptualizes and designed a brand and every touchpoint that brand would encompasses: posters, package designs, printed material, and labels.
Some students, such as Christina Elsholz, have focused on the rebrand of an existing company. Jake Mol has created an emergency wilderness survival kit, complete with product and metal containers. Other brands include a hypothetical amusement park including an app and gift shop; a kit for creating an art project “Fiber Fauna,” and a company that delivers holistic ingredients for customers to make their own homemade products.

Vinicius is setting some parameters, but this time students are dealing with a bit more independence and creative freedom. The projects are very intensive and involved, with work and meetings frequently happening outside of class. If there is a creative block, they can count on their peers and the instructorfor a fresh pair of eyes. The process has brought them budgeting experience and the feel for multifaceted projects. The seniors feel as though this task has braced them with the foresight and patience to take on long term challenges in the design field.

The exhibition has been on display this week in the Calder Art Gallery and will be up until the 30th.

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