The Art of Preservation

Visiting Assistant Professor Sarah Weber’s Life drawing class, Art 257, is taking on a quite the ironic challenge: drawing preserved remains.  Students visit the Plastination Lab in Padnos Hall, where they witness the process of preserving human and animal specimens. After watching the process involving a silicon substance, they draw from observation the bodies of bats, fish, turtles, octopi, squirrels,and other human specimens.

Professor Tim Stickler hosts this one day drawing lab session and also has a plastination exhibit on the Grand Rapids Pew Campus titled “Plastination – the Art of Preservation.” He developed the Plastination Lab around 2013, and has a Ph.D. in anatomy, B.S. in zoology, and diploma in taxidermy.

Art students begin to understand the anatomical similarities between humans and animals within their skeletal and exterior structure. It teaches the appreciation of all life forms. Sarah and Tim have collaborated for the past three years each fall semester. The Life Drawing students are always excited to get out of the classroom by doing something different and diversify their knowledge.


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