Systems Processing Curatorial Exhibition

The Curatorial Studio class, a visual studies course, has partnered with the Sustainable Agriculture Project, a farm near the Allendale campus on Luce Street, to create exhibition “Systems Processing.” The exhibition focuses on process in the context of natural and unnatural practices. The Sustainable Agriculture Project gives students a place to study plants and the environment in an ecologically friendly, hands-on manner, and also happens to function as a gallery for artists.

Curatorial Studio practices the art of presentation, context, and theoretical discourse within a studio, and teaches students how to effectively curate exhibitions. The class has put out a call for art, for members of the community to submit their work, and students will hand pick pieces for the exhibition. They have received an abundance of responses from local artists.

The exhibit will take place on Thursday, November 29 and Friday, November 30 from 6 to 9 PM. The class will continue to partner with the Sustainable Agriculture Project for years to come. The students of curatorial studio have worked hard this semester and are thrilled for everyone to see the outcome of their labors placed in a real exhibition.

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