Making the Masquerade

Professor Goldstein’s New Media 1 class has taken on an exciting and important project: creating projections for a collaboration ballet show with Grand Rapids Ballet. The department of music and theatre are involved as well in this spectacular baroque performance, with songs hand-picked by the music department. “Masquerade: A Baroque Extravaganza” blends a classical dance style with contemporary digital artwork.

Performances are held Friday, November 9, and Saturday, November 10, at 7:30 P.M., and Sunday, November 11, at 2 P.M at the Peter Martin Wege Theatre.

Coordinating with Dale Shcreimer of the GVSU Opera Theatre, students are using immersive projection mapping in in a virtual 3D interface program called Maya. Classmates collaborate with each other and shoot cinematography of virtual props, creating incredibly modern themes often incorporating fractal images of nature. This is the first time Goldstein has had her class take on a collaborative project with outside organizations, and she is already seeing the benefits the students are reaping. In addition to this project looking fantastic on their portfolios, they find themselves gaining real-world experience in the field as they learn to master visual design and build off one another’s strengths. She is definitely considering a continuation of projects like these implemented in her classes.

We are so excited to see the hard work of all the students coming to life in this enthralling ballet performance! For information and tickets, contact 616-454-4771 EXT 10.


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