Divine Design

When it comes to a business, design can be everything. Anthony Warner is the designer and cofounder, along with brother Matthew, of Grand Rapids native social app Yote, a location-based app that allows you to make connections with people that enjoy the same places you do, and it is changing the social scene. In addition to the Yote business itself, he discovered an entirely unexpected side of the business taking off: logo merchandise.

The logo is essentially the most important part of a company, Anthony says. Brand recognition is a valuable asset, and for people to associate with your brand the way they do Apple, Nike, Patagonia, Thrasher and other status symbol companies, you have to create something worth representing. The adorable white coyote pup Yote logo is sold on shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, stickers, and even gum. It elicits a response from random people who don’t even know about the app, and has started trending in regions of Asia.

Successful design concepts aren’t created on a whim. The Yote logo has gone through numerous sketches, originally starting out as an idea of two circles overlapping. The process was obsessive, with around 6 hours a day spent drawing for a year and a half. The final product was completed only about a month before the app’s release.

The dedication, focus, and time channeled into a single project is what makes students with a BFA in graphic design distinct. While the process is long, the payoff is substantial. Becoming the face of a successful logo in the industry creates amazing career pathways and opportunities. Businesses need a face to their business, and are eager to find young designers with the creativity and ingenuity to take on the task.  Never underestimate the power of a logo.

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