Professor Thompson Awarded for Art Prize Entry

GVSU faculty continues to inspire, innovate, and express! This fall, Anthony Thompson has his first entry in Art Prize, a print series titled Reverse Alchemy, on display at the Fountain Street Church, and won an independent award from the Social Action Committee at the venue. These photogravure images were made using polymer gravure plates, and he creates the distressed look by removing the black from scans of glass plate negatives and then adding the black as a layer of his own images.

As part of his sabbatical, he is experimenting with new printing techniques.  A photography professor of 22 years at Grand Valley, he merges alternative photography and printmaking, a lover of the art since grad school. Rather than work on digital prints, he finds beauty in the process and tactile sensation of using vintage processes and creating something by hand. Many of his pieces are a mix of digital images combined with traditional printmaking techniques.

The entry involves a compilation of images throughout the years. One print includes a photograph of the Berlin wall he shot in 1989, as well as an image of the Mexican and Palestinian borders. The Library of Congress has a civil war imagery database he uses often as elements in the compositions.  While sociopolitical symbols are recurrent throughout the work, Anthony says he’d rather people perceive it in their own light and take from it what they may rather than be told what to feel.

You can view the entry at


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